Three Simple Steps to Windows Registry Repair

Are you frustrated by a slow computer, constant crashes and endless error messages? There's nothing worse than working on your computer and having it freeze up, losing all the work that you spent so much time and effort creating. I know from experience that when your computer crashes and runs slow you just want to smash it and buy a new one! Fortunately, you don't
have to buy a new computer (or smash it). There are a number of great Registry Repair products that you download instantly online that can help get you and your computer humming along again.

Here's a simple three step plan for getting your PC back up to speed.

Step 1. You need to identify the registry as the actual problem.

If you have anti-virus software you should run the scan. Then go ahead and run a spy-ware scan to identify any unwanted software. If the anti-virus and spy-ware scans don't find any problems, then it is likely to be a registry problem.

Step 2. Make a backup copy of the windows registry.

This step is required only if you possess the know-how to make changes to the registry yourself and you plan on fixing it without the aid of software. The windows registry is extremely complicated. Don't attempt any changes without backing up the registry first. Failure to make a backup could leave you with a computer that won't work at all if things don't go right. I'll say it again, make that backup before proceeding!

Step 3. Fix the windows registry problems.

There are basically three options to choose from when repairing the windows registry.

1. Use the windows registry editor to remove problem files.

2. Seek professional help from a computer repair expert that has the experience to fix the windows registry correctly.

3. Use a widely available registry repair software such as RegCure which can be downloaded quickly from the Internet.

It will automatically back up the registry, scan and identify the problem files. Typically you are also given the option to fix errors manually or automatically. The errors are then efficiently corrected within minutes.

To sum it all up, unless you have the skill to identify the problems and make the repairs, options two or three are probably the most appropriate. Good computer repair people are difficult to find and when you find them they are usually very busy, which means you are going to have wait for them to work you into their schedule. Probably the quickest and most reasonably priced solution is to go with a reputable registry repair software. Having your own registry software
will also allow you to maintain your computer on a regular basis to keep it running and problem free.